I’d like to thank my clients for their kind words. It is an honour to work with you.

… you were able to break through that barrier and allow me to open my mind up to the things I had been so scared of facing. After our chat I felt a relief and a sense of hope that I hadn’t felt for a long time.Kate – Kettering

Alison’s blend of business experience and coaching skills provide unique insights and empathy facing most business woman today. Her positive attitude is infections.Kessie – Manchester

Alison’s drive, passion and enthusiasm for helping people reach their true potential has made her into one of my best and most inspirational trainers.Susan Jeffers Ph.Dsusanjeffers.com

I attended the one day workshop based on the book “Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway”. I am already a great fan of the book and this thought-provoking workshop really helped to cement the philosophy behind author Susan Jeffers’ thinking. Alison was a brilliant trainer and with her easy going nature, she soon put the group at ease. I would like to thank Alison for sharing her own experiences and showing how the book has influenced her as she has applied the teachings to her own life – very inspirational!!

Carole Taylor

Alison was able to quickly identify mistaken assumptions which were holding me back. She then helped me set tasks to help me achieve my goals.
Rachel – Bristol

Can highly recommend Alison’s workshop, she rocked my world AND it has stuck

Elly – Leicester

Alison is one of the best coaches I’ve experienced. I started feeling confused and overwhelmed and she really helped me sharpen my ideas and vision. She is great at cutting through the “crap” we tell ourselves and not letting us get away with “should’s” and “must dos” we focus on without realizing it. A coach that asks you “why you’re doing this or thinking this” is the one to go for! I would recommend Alison to anyone. You will not be disappointed!!Rosjke Hasseldine – USmotherdaughtercoach.com

I felt a great sense of nurturing and acceptance within the group and that meant a lot to me

Jo – Nottingham

I can’t believe how differently I see and approach life in only a few sessions with Alison.Gillian, London

The Feel the Fear workshop is a very relaxed and supportive environment. I felt very safe talking about the problems I was facing and my own self-confidence issues, and found that Alison ensured the group was very positive and non-judgemental. I felt very strongly that the women attending the workshop supported each other as we worked through the Feel the Fear… and Do It Anyway programme. The workshop left me with much more confidence and ability to develop and use my own affirmations and to challenge my chatterbox. Thanks again!


The power of affirmations amazed me, I am already planning mine!

Alison – Derby

Having an ‘awareness’ of the book, “Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway”, I attended Alison’s workshop with a sense of open-mindedness and with little expectation. However, what a transformation…!! It soon became clear that, guided by Alison’s pin-sharp observations yet gentle facilitation, this workshop was to become a major eye-opening experience for me. Demonstrating the powerful tools, with which Alison is so passionate to share, she was able to help me see so clearly how negative feelings can confidently be re-framed in to much more positive outcomes. Her enthusiasm is infectious and her positivity unbounded. Just brilliant…!

Jonathan Taylor