Smoking Cessation Programme

I’m not going to insult your intelligence by telling you that smoking is bad for you! You are reading this because you are ready to make a change.

What has smoking done for you?

Damaged your health!

Damaged your finances!

Become an inconvenience!

Become a point of contention!

To Stop Smoking or Become a Non-Smoker?

Do you want to stop smoking by having to resist a cigarette, meaning you rely on will power alone, or do you want to be a non-smoker who has no desire to smoke and couldn’t think of anything worse?

Hypnotherapy will change your deeply rooted habit and leave you free from the desire to smoke. Just as you learnt to drive, walk, speak etc.. so you learnt to smoke.

You weren’t born a smoker, you learnt how to smoke consciously, just like you had to learn to drive. Eventually you mastered the skill using your conscious mind to repeat the activity and thus the habit was created and stored in your sub conscious mind. So now you don’t have to think about it you just do it.

Hypnotherapy will access your subconscious mind and make life lasting changes to your habits. You will become a Non-Smoker. You will not even think about cigarettes.

BUT only if you really want to.

Hypnotherapy works when you are ready and committed to making the change. This is about you, not about what someone else wants for you.

The Smoking Cessation Programme contains:

  • 2 hour hypnotherapy session
  • Tools to take away including:
    • Self-hypnosis
    • MP3 recording for daily use.

Price : £199

If you want to know more please contact Alison and have a chat to see if you are ready for this programme.