Say YES – Seize The Day

Just nod your head and say YES

After a busy week on client site and knowing that the following day was a full on Feel The Fear And Do it Anyway 

workshop I was ready to sink into the chair with my G&T.

Sitting down with ahhh and a sip I automatically checked my emails. Here was one from a journalist asking for information for an article in YOURS magazine about Feeling The Fear And Saying YES. I’m not one for shying away from any publicity but It was Friday evening and the deadline was Monday! Saturday, Sunday and Monday were already booked out so my only option was to put down my drink, put dinner on hold get on to it asap.

I was sooo tempted to say NO! NO Friday evenings are my downtime! NO I don’t want to work! I as adopting an automatic childlike state.

But hang on wasn’t this article about saying YES! – so if I said YES what would it really mean? Would I be working all evening? Was it really so bad, writing about something I was going to teach at tomorrow’s workshop? In fact, wouldn’t it help me prepare for the following day? The answer was YES! YES! YES!

I’m so glad I said YES, it paid dividends:

  • I was able to bring in new examples during the workshop.
  • I was able to help the journalist write her piece.
  • I proved that seizing the opportunity felt good.
  • I walked my talk.
  • The article appeared in this week’s edition of YOURS.

Note to self:

  • Don’t check emails unless you’re prepared to act on what you read.
  • Don’t automatically say NO – take a breath and listen to yourself.
  • If it feels right say YES. Which also means if it feels wrong say No.
  • Trust that you have the resources to deliver.

Sometimes it pays to say NO and other times to say YES. It’s useful to check in with yourself to see where the answer is coming from, adult or child state?

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