Last night I ran a session on The Blame Game, identifying who and what we blame, for how we are feeling, for things we have/don’t have, for our behaviour. We discussed how to release and let go of the anger, fear, frustration and sadness that blame brings with it.

This morning I woke to the terrible tragedy in Manchester.

My head became cloudy and confused as fear started to set in as I tried to make sense of my world.

I did what works for me when I am in a state of fear and confusion, I went for run.

As I focused on my breathing and appreciated the beauty around me, something that the victims will never do again, I asked the Universe ‘Why?’.

But nothing came, no wise word which I could tweet, no succinct quote which could be placed on a tasteful background which would look noble and heartfelt, no answers to make sense of such a sad event. No feelings of forgiveness, anger or blame, just a deep-felt sadness.

So I am left wondering, wondering what can I, just a tiny dot on this huge planet do? As I ponder this I realise that this morning and beyond there will be much discussion around who is to blame for this act of violence. So what can I do? I can send out an intention of love and healing energy to everyone and I mean everyone.

Alison Hollingworth

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