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Arachnophobia, Fear of Spiders. It’s estimated that in Western societies, as many as 55 per cent of women and 18 per cent of men feel some degree of arachnophobia. In the UK it’s the most common phobia.

Seen as irrational by those who don’t understand it can really limit a person’s experience of the world as they will often refuse opportunities for fear of seeing one of our 8 legged friends.

You were not born with a fear of spiders, as we go through life we learn from experience, often on an unconscious level. Some event will have triggered your fear and it will have created a program that is automatically run when you now experience or perceive the experience of a spider –  you may have the same reaction to a piece of fluff or even a tomato stake, until you realise isn’t a spider.

All we have to do is change the program, a bit like deleting an app and installing a new app on your phone.

The process for this Arachnophobia programme contains:

  • 2 hour hypnotherapy session.
  • Bespoke MP3 recording for daily use.
  • Additional telephone support if required.

It’s all about you and how committed you are to make the change, the more determined, the easier and quicker it is.

Price : £199