Fear of flying is one of the most common phobias. Over a quarter of the public in Britain (28%) say that they are now afraid of flying as reported by eDreams.

Seen as irrational by those who don’t understand fear of flying can severely restrict those who suffer. I treat people who have passed up promotion because they can’t bear the thought of travelling for business, either by plane, train or motorway.

This fear can also affect personal relationships generating stress and resentment when it comes to planning holidays.

The process for this Fear of Flying programme contains:

  • 2 hour hypnotherapy session.
  • Bespoke MP3 recording for daily use.
  • Bespoke MP3 recording to use during your flights.
  • Additional telephone support if required.

It’s all about you and how committed you are to make the change, the more determined, the easier and quicker it is.

Price : £199

Hear what the clients have to say:

‘I haven’t been on a plane for 15 years, all our family holidays have been either UK based or a very long drive and ferry ride. It was only when I realised that I had passed on my fear to my daughter that I decided I had to do something about it. The session with Alison was easy and relaxing, more importantly it worked!! We have had a fantastic holiday and have already booked next years! I can’t thank you enough for changing our family.’

‘I know that our last few sessions were about getting me through an airport but in fact they have enabled me to conquer so much more. I haven’t had a ‘poorly’ tummy for about 3 months…..this is a huge breakthrough. I haven’t really even thought about it either. I cannot thank you enough Alison. It truly is life changing for me. I have been abroad. Am planning another trip abroad. I am relaxed, happy and able to go to places without worrying about toilets!’

If you want to know more please contact Alison and have a chat to see if you are ready for this programme.