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Hypnotherapy  is widely promoted as a treatment for various long-term conditions and for breaking habits that are unhelpful and often harmful. Here’s some evidence…hypnotherapy-creat-a-new-norm

Hypnosis promotes a deep relaxation, accessing the sub-conscious, whilst you the client remains in control at all times. It’s a bit like day dreaming.

The benefits are wide reaching and have a lasting and profound impact on a persons wellbeing.

This tried and tested technique can be used in many situations including:

And many many more unhealthy and unwanted behaviours.

Click HERE to book your COMPLIMENTARY 1 hour session.

Hear what the clients have to say:

“Listening to all the recordings regularly and really feeling quite amazed by the effects. I haven’t wanted or touched chocolate since last Tuesday, not snacking between meals apart from one biscuit yesterday, cut down on coffee, increased water and started doing some exercise yesterday. All I can say is you are a miracle worker and I can’t thank you enough!”

“I’m a 41 year old female with a professional job, gorgeous home, lovely partner, dogs, horses….all is positive…except how much I am now drinking. It has crept up on me very slowly and I’m embarrassed to say, over a number of years. A glass of wine a night turned into a bottle and then gradually one and a half…….maybe more

And it’s time to change! 

Drinking me looks like this – listless, tired, self loathing (lots of that!), lazy, dull skin, puffy eyes, not productive on a weekend, late for work, oh and skint! 

So I decided to contact Alison for help. I met Alison about 2 years ago when I was on a Management course that she was running, so I knew her style and I trusted her not to judge me. 

I booked 4 sessions of hypnotherapy. My goal was to reduce my wine intake.

I can now see clearly the life I want to have with my partner, and I see a way of getting there.

I can go alcohol free in the week by using the techniques taught by Alison. I’m not saying I’m perfect at it but I am learning and I now can see a different way of existing, or rather LIVING 

None drinking me looks like this – positive, optimistic, productive, aware, alert, happy, bright skin, using my precious free time productively, I read, I sleep sooooo well, I enjoy lime and soda and juices, I walk the dogs more. I like none drinking me. I am getting back my self-respect.

I want things to become even better for me and my future and I am currently at a point where I am considering stopping drinking completely as the good days are so good!

 Alison, thank you for your knowledge, support and understanding, and for not judging.” Lynn – Cumbria

“Just wanted to say thank you, thank you, thank you! for my session last week. I feel like I have made an amazing shift! Calmer, more focused, less critical. Thank you so much.” James – Nottingham

“I had spent many years of my life being very unhappy and never really knowing why, I was not a naturally miserable person but somehow I had wrapped a cloak of unhappiness around me that although heavy and burdensome had somehow become comfortable and I also thought my friend.

In meeting Alison and working with her I discovered that I did have the strength to make changes and that I could with the right help and support find ways to take back the control in my life that I had thought I had lost many years ago. 

I also realised that this cloak of misery was not actually my friend but something that kept me crippled in fear and indecision and with the help and support of Alison I realised that I could take the cloak off.  

There are times that I feel naked and bare without it but I realise that is because I making changes and for the first time in my life I am feeling positive as I am about to start my next great adventure. 

Change is very scary and I have well and truly taken a big leap of faith, but I am confident that I now have the courage to do this and I thank Alison with all my heart for helping me start what I once thought was an impossible journey.” Karen – Mansfield

“I have seen Alison a few times as a hypnotherapy client. She has supported me with a range of issues including motivation, emotional issues and most recently has hypnotised me to stop picking the skin on my thumbs which I had been doing for about 40 years!! She has stopped me doing this after only one session. Alison’s ability to listen and pick up on limiting beliefs is brilliant. Even before the actual hypnotherapy session she has invariably made me think differently. She uses coaching style questioning to collect the information she needs in the pre-talk and then uses this very well to ensure a personalised hypnotherapy session which illicit lasting and profound change. I can highly recommend seeing Alison for hypnotherapy or coaching, either in person or, as I have done, via Skype.” Clare – Leeds


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