I’m Stressed, Anxious, so Tired….Emma’s Story

At our first session Emma couldn’t wait to tell me how bad life was and wanted to share with me all that had happened to her. As I listened I detected patterns of behaviour that were on a repeat loop, it was learnt behaviour and was Emma’s default behaviour. SFP

If she continued around this cycle again she would end up in the same place with this new relationship, with further evidence to back up her feelings of worthlessness and being unlovable.

Together we worked on how she could recognise what she had control over and take responsibility for and how to let go of what she didn’t control.

sad bookWe used the analogue of a bookshelf containing the volumes of her life events, she could choose to keep reading them to herself and anyone who was listening or she could start creating new books, rewriting her life and creating an exciting and fulfilling future.

The transformation in Emma was fast and a gift to watch as she uncovered how the negative thought patterns had developed. We worked on letting go of the bottled-up emotions and yes there was some anger and sadness to work through, the reward was great relief, joy and lots of aha moments.

This inspiring lady let go of people, places and things which weren’t working for her. She decided that she was worth it and is on her journey of self-discovery and surrounding herself with those who love her. The most important love coming from herself.

Here’s some words from Emma:

“I had spent many years of my life being very unhappy and never really knowing why, I was not a naturally miserable person but somehow I had wrapped a cloak of unhappiness around me that although heavy and burdensome had somehow become comfortable and I also thought my friend.

 In meeting Alison and working with her I discovered that I did have the strength to make changes and that I could with the right help and support find ways to take back the control in my life that I had thought I had lost many years ago.

 I also realised that this cloak of misery was not actually my friend but something that kept me crippled in fear and indecision and with the help and support of Alison I realised that I could take the cloak off. 

 There are times that I feel naked and bare without it but I realise that is because I was making changes and for the first time in my life I am feeling positive as I am about to start my next great adventure.

Change is very scary and I have well and truly taken a big leap of faith, but I am confident that I now have the courage to do this and I thank Alison with all my heart for helping me start what I once thought was an impossible journey.”

Thank you for reading this and if any of this rings true for you please get in touch for a chat alison@steps-forward.co.uk 07803 254 591.

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