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    Walk (Run) My Talk – Anchors, Goals and Chocolate!

    I’m still buzzing from my achievement of running my first 10k race. I had no ambition to run a 10k when I took up running this time last year. Back then I would come back pumped up from running 2 or 3k. But after collapsing …

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  • #Manchester

    Last night I ran a session on The Blame Game, identifying who and what we blame, for how we are feeling, for things we have/don’t have, for our behaviour. We discussed how to release and let go of the anger, fear, frustration and sadness that …

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    It’s Not MY Fault!

    It’s NOT my fault! It’s his fault I’m miserable! If she hadn’t done that I wouldn’t be angry! It IS my fault! Oh why did I do that, I’m hopeless! The Blame Game is: When you are blaming another person for something you are having, …

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    I’m Stressed, Anxious, so Tired….Emma’s Story

    At our first session Emma couldn’t wait to tell me how bad life was and wanted to share with me all that had happened to her. As I listened I detected patterns of behaviour that were on a repeat loop, it was learnt behaviour and …

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    No Alcohol on School Days!

    Has weekend drinking turned into ‘most’ night drinking? Do you wake up berating yourself for having a drink last night? Does your will power waive in the evening and you promise yourself that you’ll have just one glass? This is where my client was at …

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  • CZ Stretch

    3 Ways To Stretch Your Comfort Zone – from FEAR to SUCCESS

    Q. What is your Comfort Zone? Your Comfort Zone is not always comfortable! You can be in pain, anguish and full of fear, but it’s the pain, anguish and fear that you know, that which you can rely on to happen. It’s not nice, but …

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