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  • Exhausted1

    I’m Stressed, Anxious, so Tired….Emma’s Story

    At our first session Emma couldn’t wait to tell me how bad life was and wanted to share with me all that had happened to her. As I listened I detected patterns of behaviour that were on a repeat loop, it was learnt behaviour and …

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  • Website Alcohol

    No Alcohol on School Days!

    Has weekend drinking turned into ‘most’ night drinking? Do you wake up berating yourself for having a drink last night? Does your will power waive in the evening and you promise yourself that you’ll have just one glass? This is where my client was at …

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  • CZ Stretch

    3 Ways To Stretch Your Comfort Zone – from FEAR to SUCCESS

    Q. What is your Comfort Zone? Your Comfort Zone is not always comfortable! You can be in pain, anguish and full of fear, but it’s the pain, anguish and fear that you know, that which you can rely on to happen. It’s not nice, but …

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  • Blog Header2

    6 Tips To A Great Year

    Happy New Year! Here are a few tips for getting the best from 2017, don’t overwhelm yourself by trying to do them all. Pick out one and have a go. I would love to know how you get on. 1. Be Prepared – Make sure you …

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  • Christmas Video

    5 Tips for a Stress ‘less’ Christmas

    Here are a few useful tips, tools and strategies, including affirmations and anchors, which may help you, not just at Christmas but throughout the year. Even if you just pick one, it’s a Step Forward.  1.      Stop Trying to Be Perfect There is …

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  • Drowning

    5 Simple Tools to Increase your Resilience and BounceBackAbility

    Resilience   A proactive activity, building up your ability to not over react or go under when a potentially stressful situation arises. Knowing that S*** happens but you are confident that you will handle it. BounceBackAbility   A reactive activity enabling you to recover from a stressful …

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