Coach | Trainer | Inspiration

Coach | Trainer | Inspiration

I have lived my life the ‘wrong’ way around according to tradition.

I married and became a parent late on in my teenage years, becoming divorced by the time I was 25, I then developed a serious illness, which I now believe was a gift, motivating me to go back to college and university.

At the ripe old age of 33 I entered the corporate world with plans and strategies to get me where I thought I wanted to be – a nice job title with possessions to match. 12 years on and I was there, oh, I also found out later that I had another title ‘The Iron Lady’!

Focus, determination and hard work had got me there, but at a high price to myself and my family so as another divorce loomed I knew I had to do something different. This was when I stopped dabbling in self help and jumped right in, what a glorious feeling it was. I started a great friendship with this wonderful woman – ME.

My world was changing and I decided to Feel the Fear… and Do It Anyway® I took my learnings, experience and new outlook on life and in 2010 set up Steps Forward with the purpose of…

With a supportive and empathetic approach, in motivating and inspiring environments, I create the space for you to have time to be yourself; to make decision to enable you to have the life you want.’

Whether it’s as a manager, team player, husband, wife, friend… we will work together through one-to-one sessions or in a group to identify what behaviours aren’t working for you and keeping you stuck in your comfort zone.

Mother | Granny | Friend

Mother | Granny | Friend

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Alison Hollingworth

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