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    Walk (Run) My Talk – Anchors, Goals and Chocolate!

    I’m still buzzing from my achievement of running my first 10k race. I had no ambition to run a 10k when I took up running this time last year. Back then I would come back pumped up from running 2 or 3k. But after collapsing …

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  • #Manchester

    Last night I ran a session on The Blame Game, identifying who and what we blame, for how we are feeling, for things we have/don’t have, for our behaviour. We discussed how to release and let go of the anger, fear, frustration and sadness that …

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  • Arguing

    It’s Not MY Fault!

    It’s NOT my fault! It’s his fault I’m miserable! If she hadn’t done that I wouldn’t be angry! It IS my fault! Oh why did I do that, I’m hopeless! The Blame Game is: When you are blaming another person for something you are having, …

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